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Who is Kelvin Ford

January 15, 2018




Kelvin Ford is D.C. Community Carrot's Operations Manager and a native Washingtonian. His development as a child and young adult was heavily influenced in an underrepresented, high poverty, high crime and high incarceration class of residents. College and prison were two very influential institutions in his life. Unfortunately, for Washingtonians, his story has common themes among many neighborhoods. Kelvin is leveraging his checkered past into a positive, by utilizing its distinct value to understand, professional experience and credibility to curate successful “carrott-preneurs” as a partner of DC Community Carrot

  He empathizes with those risking their freedom, because of not having income post incarceration and the allure of fast cash. After paying his debt to society, he completed the Department of Employment Service’s Project Empowerment program in July 2017. Ultimately, he landed a work experience opportunity with David Sheon and the first D.C. Community Carrot cohort. His reasoning for choosing the program was to secure a stable income, not risk recidivism and be in an environment aligned with his career goals.

 He has aspired to be a business owner and entrepreneurially attain his financial security. “Many who are incarcerated or those who sell drugs are frustrated entrepreneurs that want to provide for themselves and their family, but do not have access to the needed resources”.

 With mentoring from David Sheon, work experience as D.C. Community Carrot’s Operations Manager and gained social connections Kelvin has made strides to middle class status. He started an entrepreneur venture – Total-Razzaq, moved from social service housing to his own and expanded his professional expertise. However, the unforeseen major benefit became apparent soon after beginning his role at DCCC. Helping carrot participants that share some, if not all of the same struggles, quickly became his passion. 

 “Helping to bridge the cultural, social and communication gap of the cohort was love at first sight” he said once slyly. “Seeing the positive transitional change in a D.C. Community Carrot participant is a lucrative paycheck that cannot be put in my pocket”. He loves to see the smile and excitement on their faces from learning about opportunities to better themselves. 

  There are so many ways you can get involved in our program. Whether you're a volunteer, aspiring entrepreneur or entrepreneur ready to inspire, you can join our team! Learn more on how by clicking this link.  Special thanks to David Sheon, Harry Alford, Will Avila and many more in creating the EmpowerME partnership. He is very proud about what the organization has accomplished thus far and very excited to discover what 2018 has to offer us - Happy New Years! For inquiries, please email kelvin@dccommunitycarrot.org Thanks


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